Coming home from a Camera Club meeting I had a spare 30 mins around sunset to stop off, so I took the long way home and came back via Debden. I stopped off a the church and walked down to the lake where there was a lonely Swan and (briefly until he saw me) a Grey Heron. This was one of the last shots I took and includes none of the local wildlife but I like it because it reminds me how peaceful it was down there. This really captures the mood perfectly.

A quick stroll around Rowney Woods this morning before the weather closed in.

This entrance into the woods doesn’t actually exist but I took one picture of this area as we arrived and then a second picture (including the people) as we left. I then combined the two in photoshop and because of the change in light it looks like the people are entering the woods by a (non-existent) path. You can see the two images used below.

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Continuing my occasional deliberate camera motion series we have this shot of some of trees in Rowney Woods, not a particularly original shot but enjoyable none the less.

I couldn’t decide whether to publish this shot or the following shot as my shot of the day. I deliberately went for the star-burst effect by closing down the aperture on the camera (to f22) and positioning myself so the sun broke through the branches.

Time For A Walk

I took a very similar photograph to this earlier this year when there were no leaves on the trees. Interesting how there is a very defined gap around the middle tree.

This was taken in West Wood just outside Thaxted. If you want to see common spotted orchids there are literally hundreds in bloom throughout the woods – I’ve never seen so many in one place.

The stories say that back in the 1600’s these oak trees, situated behind the old (now disused) church, were used to hang people. They lived until 1953 when the sea broke the seas defenses and flooded the area, killing the trees. They really are a spooky, strange sight with their crooked dead limbs stretching up into the sky. Definitely a place to revisit when the weather is a bit better.

Here’s a black and white and long exposure shot as well:

The Dead Trees of Mundun Essex, Black and White

We had a day off from the rain so visited Rowney Woods for a stroll.

I thought I’d try something different today. Normally when I look at the back of the camera and see a picture I like Iget it home and it’s rubbish. Today I looked at this shot on the back of the camera and didn’t like it. As soon as I had it on the computer I loved it! A nice bit of abstraction for a Sunday afternoon.

Please click the image to see it large.

Can't See The Wood


290/366 Look Up

We took a walk around Rickling Green today. At the start (and end) of the walk is a small wood that you walk through and I looked up to see this.

Look Up


287/366 Autumn’s Coming – The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2012

Back in 2010 I went on my first photowalk which was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk around Bishop’s Stortford. Since then I have been on umpteen walks but I can count the good shots on 1 hand. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoy these photowalks…and that’s the problem – dash off a few shots and spend the rest of the time chatting tends not to be the best way to get great shots…but is very enjoyable nonetheless 😉

Autumn's Coming


Army of Trees

Whilst not the greatest light here, this looks, to me at least, like the trees are closing in on me in a quite sinister manner…

Army of Trees


Dafs and Trees

I have driven past this large area of Daffodils loads of times over the last few weeks and finally took the time to park up and photograph them this evening.

There is a very large number of daffodils that are tightly bounded by a small copse of trees.

Dafs and Trees