Plenty of Dog Roses springing up on my walk around Dunmow – here’s a triptych of three varieties.

Tonight’s Camera Club trip was to go and stake out a couple of badger sets out in the Essex countryside. We split into two groups and made our way to our allocated sets. We saw nothing…except our each other for the couple of hours we staked out the area. The other group had a little more success with a few seeing the badgers and one actually capturing a couple of photographs of the elusive beasts.

We had cabbage with our tea tonight (Shepherd’s Pie if you’re interested). The left over leaves immediately caught my eye for a quick macro black and white abstract sort of shot..nand I made 3 of the shots into a triptych…

After 3 days of mobile photographs it was nice to get back to my “proper” camera. We had a camera club meeting this morning and as we left I notice this blue fork in the garden. When I processed it I decided to have a go at that colour popping processing and quite liked the effect…but also really quite liked the full colour so I did one half way in-between, and really quite liked that version…but which one to publish? “Bugger it” I thought – triptych!

I really should have paid more attention to this plant when I was photographing it…I have no idea what it is and all the pictures I have of it are these close up shots. Never mind, thought they made a pretty interesting triptych anyway.

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When in doubt I have recently been rummaging around in the hanging baskets in the garden. It’s been a day of sunshine and showers today and I noticed the first flower (on the left) with the 3 droplets of water perfectly placed – this was natural and not me adding water after the fact 😉 So I thought I’d make a triptych of the 3 flowers.

We visited Rowney Woods for a walk today and found loads of new blossom sprouting out everywhere – here is just a small sample of what was on show.


279/366 Asymmetric Me

They do say that if you are asymmetrical you will be more attractive… So, I thought I’d give it a test and here you have Asymmetric Me!

Can you tell which the real me is and which are the faces made up of just the left half of my face and which is just the right half of my face?

Asymmetric Me

It’s kind of freaky 😉

I made this picture for my 365 Project but didn’t use it in the end, but I really like it and thought it would be a shame if it didn’t see the light of day.

There may have been a little pastry burning involved 😉