From Woolwich I headed back towards central London and had a quick look at the Thames Barrier…the tide was out and the fog was down…I have pictures

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The end is nigh…AKA the stragglers. Having spent since 6pm the night before out and about I started to run out of steam…but not before a quick visit to Southwark, Southbank and The Tate Modern to round off quite a photographic experience

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I was down in London last night to see Stiff Little Fingers at The Forum so I only had my teeny tiny Canon Power Shot which is pretty much the same size as a credit card, just a little thicker.

I grabbed this shot on my way home and was quite pleased with it. It’s amazing how much interest a person and their tiny camera can create – trying to take a shot of an escalator created great interest with a chap coming and joining me to take their own version on their mobile phone.


Smoke…gets in your eyes

I have been experimenting with smoke this last week. This one looks (to me, at least) like some kind of tube man:

Smoke Man