Continuing our look at the North Weald Redoubt, this is the view at one end of the Gorge Casemates looking way back along the corridor, the divisions of each individual room or storage area can be seen quite clearly.

Coming back out of the gorge casemates you can see a wooden platform that was apparently used by the GPO who were the last occupiers of the Redoubt at North Weald.

Outside the North Weald Redoubt

and finally…as in all derelict premises…the burnt out car – in this case a Ford Fiesta, though how the car got to where it is, is anyone’s guess!

The Fiesta at North Weald Redoubt

We’ve been a bit all over the place from the start of this blog – I promise we’ll start being a little more disciplined in the organisation of series of pictures so that you don’t have to leap from page to page to find all the posts from a series. Of course, you could try the categories drop down box – top right of the page, but that’s not a whole lot better organised!  The problem has been that I have an idea or picture for a series, and then another springs up in front of me, and then another…all of a sudden you end up with about 6 series all running together, as we have at the moment!

Anyhow – onwards:

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