From Woolwich I headed back towards central London and had a quick look at the Thames Barrier…the tide was out and the fog was down…I have pictures

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295/365 On Ilkley Moor…Day 2

Having had an excellent breakfast we jus had time to drive up to near the top of Ilkley Moor before we had to shoot back down the A1 back to Essex. There was a light mist just starting which, as we headed back down into the Wharfe Valley through Otley and then Poole turned into a real pea-souper 😉

Unusually for me this is not an HDR. I had travelled without my tripod, which was a mistake, and I’d clearly had too much coffee in the morning to take handheld brackets 😉

On Ilkley Moor...Day 2


283/366 The View from Thrunton Woods, Northumberland

Whilst we were based on the coast for our Northumberland break we did venture in land to Thrunton Woods on the edge of the Northumberland National Park and took a 9 mile walk, including getting up, what the locals call, heart attack hill – it was pretty steep!

View from Thrunton Woods


041/366 Out my window

This is the view we have out of our landing window across North Street in Great Dunmow. It’s a view we don’t see often because we live on a main road so we have net curtains up. You’ll gather it snowed again last night.

I had to spend ages removing all the muck from the window that was showing up on the original – the windows have been painted shut (accidentally) and in this cold weather I wasn’t going to bother to try and force them open!

The view out my window over North Street in Great Dunmow

Despite the poor weather forecast, Sunday started bright and sunny so we decided to visit Danbury, just the other side of Chelmsford. There are not many high spots in Essex but Danbury is situated on a hill 367 feet (112 m) above sea level, so I hoped for some views…and we got one!

Not long after this picture was taken in rolled the grey clouds and we moved back into overcast mode – at least the promised rain held off till the evening.