I have a lot of pictures to process and then publish from the last week…but here is today’s…a bit of light painting

A quick stroll around Rowney Woods this morning before the weather closed in.

This entrance into the woods doesn’t actually exist but I took one picture of this area as we arrived and then a second picture (including the people) as we left. I then combined the two in photoshop and because of the change in light it looks like the people are entering the woods by a (non-existent) path. You can see the two images used below.

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042/366 Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We went for a walk today in our favourite woods. Rowney Woods are about 8 miles from where we live in Great Dunmow and we had them to ourselves today.

We regularly see deer here – today we only saw their tracks in and out of the woods.

Walking in a winter wonderland

We saw this Starling marching down the path between the shore and the front at Aldeburgh – he definitely had things to do and people to see.