I have no idea what he had done…perhaps it was something to do with the tree in the background 😉

A bit of The Crimson Rabbit product photography keeps me in the game 😉


284/366 The Northumberland Coastline – Boulmer

This shot sums up our few days away in Northumberland – beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.

Taken on our walk along the coast starting from Boulmer (pronounced Boomer).

 The Northumberland Coastline - Boulmer


116/366 I Am…Dishwasher

To paraphrase Nikon 😉

We have an agreement at home, whoever cooks doesn’t have to wash-up. I’ve cooked about twice in the last 10 years…not because I can’t, I can quite adequately, but it’s nowhere near as good as my wife’s cooking, so I get to wash up every evening.

I enjoy, much to the concern of my wife, creating towers of clean washing, this was tonights 😉

I am....Dishwasher