A nice abstract from oil and water…when I next do this I will ensure I get the lens square to the surface of the water which will keep the oil drops in better focus. More images after the break:

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This stream/river used to feed the Tilty Mill which, whilst derelict, can still be found a little way down stream. The water is diverted away from the mill now. Lots more after the break. 

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Wandered onto Doctors Pond today to photograph some of the birds gathered there, The seagulls were in fine voice swooping down onto the water…not sure what they were trying to catch, or if it was just practice…but they caught nothing while I was there.

Can you see the tenuous link to yesterday’s photo? I know it’s neither a window or a reflection, but you just can’t beat firing air gun pellets at water filled balloons and photographing the resultant explosion!

This was done using a trigger trap and 2 flash guns at Bishops Stortford Camera Club this evening – very straight forward but great fun.

I have to make a special effort to get the fish tank (that has never seen fish in it) down from the loft as the wife won’t have it sat around cluttering up the house on the off chance that i’ll get round to taking a shot like this. I always enjoy the process when I do get round to doing it! There’s some more shots after the break.

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Along with, I suspect, many other people, I do have some really irritating problems with my computer. Today the card reader stopped working…for 4 or 5 hours…and then, for no good reason (apart from me swearing at it periodically) it started working again…why?

I find this image quite fascinating. It’s like noise on a TV screen, and yet, in amongst the apparent randomness there are patterns and repetition…I accept. it may just be me but I can get quite lost in this image.

If you’re wondering, it is the condensation on my bathroom window this morning.

I visited the Essex coast, Walton on the Naze to be precise, at the weekend specifically to take some long exposure shots. This shot is the reverse of that 😉 as I’m sure you can see, but I liked this shot as much for the sky as the sea. You can see the long exposure shots on my Flickr site here.

Had some fun at the weekend making some pictures of these peppers being dropped in water.


329/366 Sunset in a Flower

The flowers I bought last week from Tesco’s are still going strong so I did some macro work on them. It was only after I had loaded these into the computer when I noticed the way the water droplet on this flower reflected the overhead light giving a sun like sparkle to the centre of the flower.

Sunset in a flower


124/366 Sparkling Umbrellas

It’s nice when a photo comes out just how you envisioned it.

I saw this dandelion head last night – it was perfect, but I’ve shot those before so I ignored it. When I went out into the garden this evening I was not surprised to see it had been damaged by the heavy rain we had last night. I was more interested in it now as I do like the seeds at the end of the umbrella. When I focused on this with my macro lens I was delighted to see the tiny water droplets all over and this is what I got (click to enlarge to get the full impact):

Sparkling Umbrellas