It really hasn’t been the best weather down here the last week or so – freezing fog this morning…lovely

I hate this sort of weather and this shot sums it up perfectly.

Poor weather is a pain, but with it you will usually get some striking sunsets – this evening was no exception.

We’ve had a great Autumn, but the weather is definitely closing in now. Rain all day today, with just the briefest of pauses…and I was lucky enough to be out at Alton Water on Lemons Hill when that pause happened…but it really was not a pleasant day to be stood on an exposed bridge…even all the birds had hidden themselves away.

You can always tell when the weather’s been particularly rotten 😉

A small group of hardy Bishop Stortford Camera Club members braved the inclement weather and visited Hatfield Forest for the last of the summer programme get togethers. It was cool and pretty blowy…but the clouds did eventually start to break up for the first time of the day.

We tried for ages this morning to get this set of items photographed for an auction my wife is doing with a couple of Etsy friends. The weather wasn’t favourable (chucking it down) so we tried to use a couple of flashes to light the items. This worked well, but we couldn’t get the composition we liked, so it’s back to the drawing board!

This sums up this afternoon’s weather quite nicely.

Today we visited Leeds Castle in Kent. It’s billed as “The Loveliest Castle in the World”. Well, it’s not bad, and certainly looks good from over the moat, but I must admit to being fairly unimpressed with its overall size and inside was, frankly, a bit dull. The gardens/park were very nice, and probably the best part of the visit for us. I also think many of the Bavarian castles may have something to say about that claim 😉 All that said, the promotional activities employed were certainly working as the place was heaving with people.

Outside the weather was patchy but I knew it should provide some drama in the sky…so here’s a picture, without the dramatic storm clouds and with no sign of the moat or gardens, of the main entrance to the castle and the castle itself. More images will no doubt follow.

We took a walk around Rowney Woods this afternoon. As we entered the woods we were greated with a huge and long clap of thunder which did give us fair warning of the sort of weather we were about to “enjoy”