One of my more regular places to photograph is Rowney Woods near Debden and Saffron Walden in Essex. This, as you will gather, was not taken in the woods, but rather out on the wheat fields behind the woods. The farmer had just harvested the wheat and had left these large bales of straw on the field. This was shot at sunset (as I’m sure you can work out). This image definitely benefits from being seen full screen – just click it and you’ll get the larger version.


205/366 Aythorpe Roding Windmill at Sunset

One of my favourite local landmarks was calling me this evening. As soon as I’d finished my dinner I hot footed it down to Aythorpe Roding and photographed the sunset. The only thing missing…well, a few clouds would have broken the sky up nicely.

I’m still feeling my way with the 14-24mm lens, but, to force me to use it that was the only lens I took this evening. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised that I had shot all evening at 24mm, never venturing wider. Still, there’s always tomorrow 😉

Aythorp Roding Windmill Sunset


189/366 Wild Wheat

All the yellow rape has long since faded and we are left with the rather dull green crop now. On our walk through Rowney Woods we walked through the crop and noticed some wild wheat growing. I’ve recently got a 14-24 lens which is mega wide and I’m slowly learning how to use it. I wasn’t really expecting to take a picture like this but, at f2.8 the depth of field is amazing really isolating the wheat against that background of rape.

Wild Wheat


147/366 Driving Through

We took a walk through Rowney Woods and around the surrounding farmland. It was 27 degrees – way to hot for a long walk – and we were exhausted when we got back.

All the recent rain and then this sudden explosion of heat has made everything very verdant. The farmers have been busy as well – the previously soft land giving small clues as to where they have been 😉


Driving Through