We visited  Arger Fen & Spouse’s Vale in Suffolk today and had a good walk around the area. The bluebells are in full flow – I have included a shot of them below – but there were also loads of these flowers around and we weren’t sure what they were, so I took a shot to find out…and ended up really liking the shot, so went with this, rather than the bluebells for today’s shot.

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It was Debbie’s birthday today , so not much time for photography, then a curry and 3 bottles of Cobra meant that the photography that did take place wasn’t quite as focused as it should have been!

I popped out to the local Co-Op to pick some provisions up. I was surprised by the number of cats that were around – here’s a couple of them, in the order I saw them.

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Needless to say, whilst I tried, this did not go back together perfectly…indeed, I suspect that it won’t ever play again. Good thing it was blank.

I was reading my Facebook page and came across a deconstruction picture. These are pretty popular these days – you take a gadget (camera, lens, watch, bicycle…), the more complicated the better, take it apart, lay all the parts out on a white background and photograph it.  Now, I would have no problem taking the thing apart, that’s easy, the trouble is, I would never get the thing back together…and you’re talking pretty expensive items here. So, here is my homage to these very clever people who take these items apart, and put them back together, none the worse for the process 😉

I did complete a follow up picture to this called “Just Added Water”.

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It is often the way that the simple shots are the hardest to take. Indeed I had to faff about with this a fair amount in photoshop to get it someway close to where I wanted it. Of course, as usually happens, I had to rush the shooting of this as it went straight into the frying pan when I had finished with it and became part of my tea!


266/366 The Edge of Rowney Woods

The forecast said Saturday was going to be the dry day of the weekend so we set off for a walk around Rowney Woods in the hope that we may see some deer as we head into the rutting season.

The woods were unusually quiet, no people and no deer, but it was sunny, warm, peaceful and very pleasant.

The Edge of Rowney Woods