Spring finally arrived yesterday and we took a walk around Rowney Woods. Amazingly we saw 3 different types of butterfly – they will have been struggling to find any flowers, with the exception of a few straggly primroses there really wasn’t much for them to go at.

I forced myself to only use my 14-24mm lens and I knew that the clouds would look great…and indeed they did!

We visit Rowney Woods regularly and I’ve posted a few pictures from our visits on this blog. I take a photograph of this scene most times I visit, and invariably I take an HDR (high dynamic range) picture. Today I took a standard shot and really liked it, so I hope you like it too.

We had a day off from the rain so visited Rowney Woods for a stroll.

I thought I’d try something different today. Normally when I look at the back of the camera and see a picture I like Iget it home and it’s rubbish. Today I looked at this shot on the back of the camera and didn’t like it. As soon as I had it on the computer I loved it! A nice bit of abstraction for a Sunday afternoon.

Please click the image to see it large.

Can't See The Wood


A Country Garden Pond

If you walk through Rowney Woods in Essex and you take the right path you will come across this lovely farmhouse with a fabulous pond.

A Country Garden Pond


204/366 Hogweed

Yesterday’s post is late, or is today’s post early…I forget.

This is Sunday’s post, it’s late being added to the blog because it was really late last night and I couldn’t remeber what the damn plant was called and I needed to get to bed…so there you go 😉

So, here it is hogweed…Well worth waiting for, don’t you think 😉



Two By Two

Heading off into the depths of rowney woods were these two mallards.

Two by Two


Walking into Rowney Woods

This is right at the entrance to Rowney Woods proper before you come to the first Y junction when you have to make a decision.

After a few visits where we haven’t seen any (mammal) wildlife in the woods we saw a large hare and a muntjac deer this week.

Walking into Rowney Woods




If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know that we do enjoy Rowney Woods up in Wimbish.

Today was our first visit for a few weeks, mainly due to the dreadful weather, but one thing has certianly come out of all the rain we have had – growth and renewal. All around the area the oil seed rape is flourishing.



126/366 Oil Seed Rape at Rowney Woods

The weather slightly improved today – at least it was dry – and we took a walk around Rowney Woods. One thing all the rain we have been having has done is encourage a huge burst of growth in all the plant life. It was only a few weeks ago that we were watching deer roam across these apparently bare fields.

Oil Seed Rape at Rowney Woods


Look out!

On the edge of Rowney Woods is this structure which, I assume, is for pheasant shooters.

Look out!