The forecast suggested that we might have a rather nice sunset this evening so I packed up my kit and headed over to Thaxted and an area of the edge of the town that has recently been cleared of a lot of hedges opening up the view of the church and windmill…Issues I had

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At last, a dry day, let me confirm though – trudging around the local fields and footpaths is a muddy experience at the moment but I was so happy to be out and about this afternoon.

I visited the windmill at Aythorpe Roding, but, this time, the windmill doesn’t feature in the days picture. Instead we have the sunset behind a rather nice tree…it’s tricky including the windmill and the sunset in the same picture as they are bang opposite each other so I decided to go for this shot instead…and I was pleased with the outcome.

Normans Mill is the oldest operational wind powered waterpump in the UK and is loacated on Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire, about an hours drive from where we live in Essex. It’s a National Trust property and it always rather takes my breath away how expensive it is to visit these places!

I’ll sometimes go out with a very particular idea of what sort of picture I want to create. I don’t always achieve what I’m looking for, but when it comes off I do feel such pleasure in the final image.

This is one such shot, a long exposure black and white shot of the John Webb Windmill at Thaxted…just what I had envisaged before leaving to take the picture.

I knew full well that I shouldn’t just march over the farmers field, my main defense it that it’s the middle of winter and nothing is growing or has been planted yet…also, I wanted the picture 😉

For those of you not in the know, this is the John Webb Windmill in Thaxted with Thaxted Parish Church in the background.

It’s nice to see the powers that be have replaced the lost sails on this windmill, it looks so much better with them on…and weren’t we treated to a cracking post sunset sky tonight?

The windmill is in Thaxted, Essex


207/366 The John Webb Windmill, Thaxted

3 days on the trot – and 3 different windmills. This one lost it’s sails in 2010.

I’ve had to switch back to Photomatix because Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 seems to be having real issues with wide ranges of exposure.

John Webb's Windmill


206/365 Held together by wires

Tuesday night is Bishop’s Stortford camera club night and tonight the summer programme had a “photowalk” around Stansted. I say “photowalk” because, as soon as I arrived (late…) we all jumped into various vehicles and drove down to Stansted Parish Church. We then drove back to our meeting point to walk, quickly, down to the local windmill for sunset. As always though, we had a great time…

As with many old buildings this windmill is surrounded by modern wires…not only that but the windmill blades are tethered by wire as well…hence all the wire 🙂

From a processing point this was done in Photomatix – I’ve been trialling Nik’s HDR Pro 2, but that produced a lot of halo’s and the like…as it has with a number of other images so, back to Photomatix for this shot.

Held together by wires



205/366 Aythorpe Roding Windmill at Sunset

One of my favourite local landmarks was calling me this evening. As soon as I’d finished my dinner I hot footed it down to Aythorpe Roding and photographed the sunset. The only thing missing…well, a few clouds would have broken the sky up nicely.

I’m still feeling my way with the 14-24mm lens, but, to force me to use it that was the only lens I took this evening. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised that I had shot all evening at 24mm, never venturing wider. Still, there’s always tomorrow 😉

Aythorp Roding Windmill Sunset


170/366 Overlooking Thaxted

Dashed out after dinner this evening to catch the sunset. It’s nearly the longest day so, even I , didn’t manage to miss it today.

This is a shot from the top of a hill on the edge of Thaxted with the windmill and church easily visible.

Overlooking Thaxted