This morning as I left the house for my morning walk around Dunmow I decided, at the last minute, to switch my 18 – 55mm lens with my 55 – 210mm lens on my Sony NEX7. I’m not sure why…but I was very glad I did. If I had taken this shot with the 18-55, you’d have been hard pressed to see the hot air balloon, but it is reasonably clear with the lens out at 210mm.

I’m claiming this as fitting my windows and reflections theme because…well, there are windows in the image 😉

I had to go to the Post Office this afternoon and got this grab shot on the way.

I had this picture in mind, but it was going to be a shot of the wall and windows further to the left…but the Doves (which I have never seen here before) were sat in the perfect spot…and then the lady opened her window…

I suspect she thought it rather odd a bloke taking a picture of her wall, but she didn’t say anything…

Along with, I suspect, many other people, I do have some really irritating problems with my computer. Today the card reader stopped working…for 4 or 5 hours…and then, for no good reason (apart from me swearing at it periodically) it started working again…why?

I find this image quite fascinating. It’s like noise on a TV screen, and yet, in amongst the apparent randomness there are patterns and repetition…I accept. it may just be me but I can get quite lost in this image.

If you’re wondering, it is the condensation on my bathroom window this morning.


101/366 Out the landing window – Part 2

So – this is a follow up to a shot I did on Day 41, this is taken out of the same window, but we are now, of course, into Spring. The window is still sealed shut and dirty – so it took ages to photoshop all the muck out ;-). I must get this window opened again! Oh – and by the way – I just had to capture the clouds and distant rain of this shot.

Out the landing window - Part 2


067/366 Out the window tonight…

This, I guess, is the second in the series of shots out of our landing window – you can see the first photograph here. This wasn’t intended to be a theme…but you never know.

This is an HDR, I was attempting to control the exposure of the moon but in the end I converted it to black and white and decided the blown out moon was more in-tune with what I was trying to create.

You will notice the window still needs a good clean;-)

Out the window tonight


049/366 – After the storm

It absolutely chucked it down this afternoon and this was the view out of our bathroom window after the storm had moved past – apparently we have clear skies and a frost tonight…

You can see the sunset over Doctors Pond here.

After the storm - overlooking Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow


041/366 Out my window

This is the view we have out of our landing window across North Street in Great Dunmow. It’s a view we don’t see often because we live on a main road so we have net curtains up. You’ll gather it snowed again last night.

I had to spend ages removing all the muck from the window that was showing up on the original – the windows have been painted shut (accidentally) and in this cold weather I wasn’t going to bother to try and force them open!

The view out my window over North Street in Great Dunmow


032/366 Out the office window

Walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee this afternoon I noticed this view out of a pretty narrow window that I’d not looked out of before. As one of the aims of my 366 project is to get better at using my Samsung Galaxy SII’s camera I whiped it out and caught this.

Out the office window