Spotted these sycamore seeds that still hadn’t fallen in Rowney Woods today. 

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Coming home from a Camera Club meeting I had a spare 30 mins around sunset to stop off, so I took the long way home and came back via Debden. I stopped off a the church and walked down to the lake where there was a lonely Swan and (briefly until he saw me) a Grey Heron. This was one of the last shots I took and includes none of the local wildlife but I like it because it reminds me how peaceful it was down there. This really captures the mood perfectly.

Looking for perspective shots for my current photography course I looked up during our walk around Rowney Woods and saw what I thought were lots of birds nests in the tree. On closer inspection they were actually dead leaves that had been trapped in twigs that were growing vertically on the side of the trunk.

I toned this black and white image (with a blue colour to the highlights) to emphasis the cold nature of the day.

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It’s a sod is Facebook – you’re all ready to add a post to your blog and all hell kicks off…(you get into a long winded conversation about what is right and wrong in journalistic photography…it’s a minefield I tell you!)

Today we have just about the only decent shot I got all day during our walk through Rowney Woods…it was wet, muddy and dull…but still a great place to be (didn’t I say something similar yesterday?)

I popped out this morning to go to the bakers and went the long way round through Doctors Pond and then up into the town via Star Lane. I took this shot as a fall back as I had an idea about a table top shot I wanted to take. After hours taking the shot and mucking about with it in photoshop…you get the back-up shot…say no more!




It’s a cold one…taken just outside the Gardens of Easton Lodge looking back towards Little Easton lodge and the Lakes.

Sunset on a frozen Hatfield Forest lake. The ducks seemed quite happy sitting on the ice – there was a thawed our area of water to the right, but it was pretty crowded and had a couple of swans lording it over the ducks.


340/366 Out the Bathroom Window – First Snow of Winter

We were surprised, as I think everyone was, to wake up this morning and find the world was white. No indication had been given the night before on the forecast that this was on the way, still, it meant I won’t be scrabbling around at 11.45pm tonight trying to work out what to take for today’s photograph.

Out The Bathroom Window - Snow


Snow in Rowney Woods

This shot was from last Saturday in Rowney Woods. Snow was still deep through the open rides of the wood and it was clear that not that many people had been through the woods in the last few days…no doubt, because of the snow.

Rowney Woods in the Snow