We’re about due for a bit of plugging for my wife’s business. This is a new line of large project bags she is currently selling in her Etsy store The Crimson Rabbit  – go check ’em out!

It’s been a busy day of working on a range of product photography for my wife’s craft store today.

This was a work in progress she asked me to take for her – if you’re anything like me you will have been surprised by the 3 knitting needles, rather than the normal two. This is called knitting in the round and she is using the technique to knit some mittens.


348/366 Chain Constructed Yarn

Mega soft wool & alpaca, I’m reliably informed that this is quite unusual. I just liked the texture and lines (plus I just have to go to bed and this was quick ;-).

Chain constructed yarn


Debbie always has knitting on the go…usually 2 or 3 projects at least, and can often include crochet pieces. So today’s picture is of one of those projects, recently started, I have no idea what it is yet.

And now for something completely different…

Debbie does lots of knitting, she makes large quantities of jumpers, scarves, hats, baby clothes…it’s a real production line. For something a little different she made this recently.