The Octagon Tower Ely Cathedral

We’ll stick with Ely Cathedral after yesterday’s post.

If you ever visit Ely Cathedral you will find that you can take a guided tour of one of the 2 towers – your choice – either the West Tower or the Octagon tower. I decided to grab hold of my vertigo and went for the Octagon tower (which is slightly lower than the West Tower at a mere 170 feet). Let me confirm – it was more than high enough. I did pretty well, or so I thought, with my vertigo. It was only when looking at the photographs I had taken did I find out how much I was actually shaking 😉

So, from a viewpoint below the Octagon Tower looking up, here is the tower in question.

I know you want proof that I did go up there so click the link below to see a picture from all the way up there.

So, this shot was taken looking out from one of the panels immediately below the windows you can see in the photograph above. And yes, I really was shaking!

From the top of the Octagon Tower

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