Welcome to Canvey Island

This week’s jaunt was a quick drive down to Canvey Island, just down the coast from Southend, home of Calor Gas and Dr Feelgood…it’s a pretty industrial place…but quite fascinating.

Infamous for a massive flood on the 31st January 1953 that cost the lives of 58 people (including 3 in the Netherlands) and saw the island evacuated when the old sea wall was washed away following a tidal surge.

I’ve never visited the place before and turned up completely on spec…It was high tide so I concentrated on the industrial side of town rather than the seaside side …so this gives a more down at heel look to the place than is perhaps fair. Many of the pictures were taken whilst I stood on top of the new sea wall which is 14 miles long.

Welcome to Canvey…

Welcome to Canvey Island

Despite appearances this office block is not abandoned…there were various comings and goings during the afternoon

Gas Tanks and Offices
I assume these are Gas canisters…

More of the same…but in slightly better condition…and decorated!

Canvey Island Gas

There are many structures like this one reaching out into the estuary,


This structure seemed to be drawing the cloud cover towards it


Pipes and graffiti


Despite it being a Sunday the port was quite busy with ships arriving and (in this case) departing with their cargo

Setting Sail

We were treated to a very pleasant sunrise…this reminded me of an ex-pier…but Brighton This Aint!

Brighton It Aint

The Caravan Park next to the industrial park and (rather more unfortunately) the sewage plant to the right as we look at it…packed with row after row of static caravans

Sunset over Canvey Island
A different ship to the previous shot heading off on its journey

Leaving Port

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I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Chairman and Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and an an LRPS and CPAGB

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