Part 2 of this year’s run down of my favourite albums of the year…I need to get my skates on to get this finished…but I have plans for next year…more later

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After spending an hour or so on the North side of the Thames overlooking the Shard we crossed to the South side and walked down towards Tower Bridge…we’d be seeing a fair bit of Tower Bridge over the next 14 hours.

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A small group of hardy Bishop Stortford Camera Club members braved the inclement weather and visited Hatfield Forest for the last of the summer programme get togethers. It was cool and pretty blowy…but the clouds did eventually start to break up for the first time of the day.

I made my annual pilgrimage to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool with my brother and, as usual, I had a walk around Blackpool after breakfast before the Festival opened at midday. Blackpool has certainly suffered over the last few years with the economy collapsing and it was disappointing to hear that, despite us having such a great summer weather wise, bookings had been pretty poor at the hotels.

Needless to say the weather was typical mid-summer mediocrity when we were here. I walked down the North Pier to have a look at the fair…this shot kind of sums up Blacpool at the moment.


309/366 – 4 Shades of Red

Our next City and Guild photography lesson is tomorrow. We had the subject of red for our one shot challenge. Over the last fortnight I’ve photographed quite a number of different items that fulfill that criteria and not least this evening. My plan was just to photograph one of my wife’s lipstick’s…this is what she actually gave me…

4 Shades of Red

I have no idea which picture I’m going to go with tomorrow.


305/366 – Dracula or Frankenstein – what to read on Halloween

When I was a kid we didn’t celebrate Halloween so, I don’t really get this pre-occupation everyone seems to have about it these days – still, so long as the kids enjoy it who am I to argue. So, when thinking of what today’s photographic theme would be it was a no brainer…but we don’t “celebrate” halloween…so what to photograph…

Dracula or Frankenstein


303/366 Bruno Banani

My Dad always gets me some aftershave for Christmas and the latest batch was this Bruno Bonani which I photographed and then took into photoshop to mess around with. I had an idea that I wanted some subtle textures and a light black to grey transition in the background…so how I ended up with this is anyone’s guess…though it could have a lot to do with me being a bit rubbish in photoshop 😉

Bruno banani


301/366 Bracken in Rowney Woods

We’ve not visited Rowney Woods for weeks so, with the forecast set for sunshine, popped over there this morning…it poured down! The camera stayed in its bag most of the time, then the sun popped out for five minutes, I grabbed this shot…and then it hurled down again.

Bracken in Rowney Woods


300/366 Windows 8

I picked up a copy of Windows 8 today and have been very impressed. I upgraded from Vista and the whole process was relatively painless…of course, it’s always a pain having to re-load all your software, but the improvement in performance of my PC has definitely meant that it was worth it.

Windows 8


299/366 You’re all nuts!

Wandering through Tesco’s this evening wondering what I could photograph I spotted the Christmas nuts and remembered that my wife gave me (amongst many other things) a nut cracker set last Christmas. When I wanted to get some nuts from Tesco’s last Boxing Day so I could use my Christmas gift, of course, they didn’t have any having moved onto Easter Eggs 😉 To be fair, it’s pretty daft that we have so much Christmas stock in our supermarkets already…and it’s all been there a good month or so already…nuts!

You're all nuts