Moon Ring

Walking back from the car just 10 minutes ago (it’s 00.05 on the 9/12/11) I looked up at the moon and noticed a very visible and clear circle around the moon. I popped inside and got my camera. Now, the technical qualities of the photograph aren’t necessarily great, but hand-held for 2.5 seconds I don’t think is too bad. Unusually for a photograph you can actually see the phenomenon better in a small version of the picture but feel free to click the image to see a larger version:

As it turns out, and with a little research on Google, this is actually a moon ring, formed by the refraction of Moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. Amazing what you see if you just look! Folklore has it that this is a harbinger of bad weather – brace yourselves 😉

About the author

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm a member of the Bishops Stortford Camera club and have embarked on my 2nd 365 journey - I completed my first one back in 2012.

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